In my personal life -  from an early age I had many changes I had to face up to, so in my adult years I made the decision to take control and take major steps with my own self development, to find happiness and balance.

With my work life - I've enjoyed a career as a Production Designer and as an Art Director predominantly for the BBC.  The major change I desired within work, was to set up my own business. 

So in 2008 I began a journey to make more major changes to my life, I went through the process of incorporating my first business, and eventually left my career to work solely on my new business Ecoegg. I took on large amounts of investment and grew the company to a multi-million pound turnover, selling my products worldwide. However, it came with more than its fair share of difficulties,  not just with the endless work load and stresses of running a business, but mostly due to the very complex and difficult relationships I suddenly had to deal with.

I therefore had to quickly develop a much higher resilience level - which became critical to my well-being.

I implemented stress reduction techniques into my daily life, grew my self-awareness and allowed myself a healthier work-life balance, which was vital. 

I undertook Business Coaching and received Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This helped me cope more constructively with all that was happening around me (which also included having a baby) I learnt unforgettable life skills and gained many coping strategy techniques. 

One of my desires in life was to design a range of products suitable for people with severe skin allergies such as eczema and psoriasis, and this is what I produced within my company Ecoegg.  My main passion in life has always been to help people in some way,  and this has finally brought me to coaching; sharing all I have learned to help others achieve fulfilment and happiness, in both their personal and work life.

During the process of selling my business, my husband (and now business partner) was witnessing many people in his industry struggling with various forms of stress induced mental health issues. We both decided on career changes, with the aim of making a positive difference to people's mental health, so at the start of 2018 we developed our business - StressFree.

I retrained as a Cognitive Behavioural Coach. My training is accredited by the British Psychological Society.

I have first-hand experience as the client in the areas I have now retrained in. My life experiences and training have given me a deep level of understanding, where I can hold a lot of empathy across a wide range of areas, and without judgement. 

I offer a peaceful and safe environment to talk through sensitive issues.

It's not all about work! I've overcome difficulties with close personal relationships that in the past I'd thought would never be possible, to the point now where I'm truly happy and accepting.  I have a healthy work-life balance where I make time for my love of the outdoors, more recently setting myself the challenge of walking the stunning south west coastal path.

I hope to help you work through your challenges, whatever these may be, and to help you reach your desired outcome, more successfully and much more quickly!

Dawn Hicks

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