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As a qualified coach, I specialise in cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, alongside other forms of stress management.  My training is accredited by the British Psychological Society.  My coaching aim is to help you to achieve your goals, find balance and increase your happiness.  

I currently offer an initial free telephone consultation. This allows you and I to build up a clear picture of the challenges, anxieties and difficulties that you're up against.  

After the consultation you can decide whether you'd like to take up a three or six session package. I tend not to offer one-off sessions, as they are unlikely to make any long term impact.

Sessions - My packages are based on sessions of 50 minutes in length. However, I can adapt the length of sessions if this proves more suitable for you. 

As an example: I'll work with you to help you create the outcome you want, by helping you to recognise that your thoughts and  beliefs are responsible for how you feel and behave, and not the actual circumstances and events happening around you.  By taking control of your thoughts you can take control of the situation.

Through CBT techniques, I'll help you to understand  how our thoughts and beliefs are often untrue. We create unreasonable and unhelpful expectations on ourselves and of others, without even realising.  They limit us, creating untrue assumptions that only add to our unhealthy and unproductive levels of stress, and most importantly decrease our feeling of happiness.  Once uncovered we can start to put a clear plan of action in to place. 

With more focused business coaching, I'll combine mentoring with coaching my clients. Coaching guides clients to their own solutions, whilst mentoring advises and shares direct experience. So my style tends to flow between the two, depending on the subject matter and the client I'm working with.

Through my new business StressFree I offer a unique set of technique cards, that can be offered during sessions (or sent electronically). Having these cards offers something permanent to clients, which can really help when implementing different techniques.  

Sessions can be offered at my home, which offers the perfect setting for focused one-to-one life coaching. Or online or by telephone if more suitable for your schedule and location.



From you, the client - commitment and persistence is required.  You'll need to be at a stage in your life where you really want to see and feel positive changes. It's only with this commitment that we will be able to work together and make the changes you need.

My home

When it comes to one-to-one coaching my house is the perfect venue. It's light and peaceful; ideal for focused discussions. And it has beautiful countryside views...