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Who I work with...

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you at a point in your life where you know something needs to change? 

You may not have full clarity of what 'it' is you need to work on, or there may seem to be many areas of your life that are not going quite the way you'd hoped or planned them to. I can help give you clarity, before starting to work on the positive changes that will help you to reach your goals. 

It's important to understand that you'll need commitment during this process, and a willingness to invest in yourself. It will take persistence.  But together, I'll help you to successfully achieve what you desire.

I also work with businesses in a small group setting, or offer one-to-one to employees.

The areas I cover...

Here are some of the areas I have experience in: 

Stress management

Anxiety and pts

Work-life balance


Self-belief (limiting assumptions) 


Motivation & direction


Improved mental health

Weight Control

Happiness + Fulfilment

Business coaching

Business Start-up

Please see here for further benefits of my coaching, or please contact me here with any further questions.

Fully confidential

Your privacy is hugely important to me. Our sessions, Including the free consultation, will always remain 100% confidential.  I hope to gain your immediate trust, to achieve the most successful outcome for you. 

What to expect...

Genuine support throughout this process, I've invested a lot of time and training in how to listen, and I can help you uncover the true issues at hand that will help lead you to the most positive and effective outcomes.  Please read more about my coaching style here 

My sessions...

I package my sessions in blocks of three or six. This gives us enough time to work through and test solutions.

I offer a free one hour consultation, which enables us to pinpoint the key areas to work on. Pricing of sessions can be viewed here.

Where & when...

The atmosphere of my house is perfect for focused one-to-one coaching and helps produce the positive results. I also work Online and by Telephone if more suitable for your location and schedule.

The support offered between sessions can be online or by telephone. Get in touch with me here to arrange a free consultation.