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Work-life balance, Happiness & Fulfilment

Having a good work-life balance is critical to your happiness and well-being, and to the close relationships around you. As a business owner, wife and mother, I understand what it takes to get this balance right and how to start feeling fulfilled in life. I've had a very demanding career professionally and it's taken a lot of effort and consideration to get me to this balanced point. Through my experience and training as a coach I will work with you to help achieve the balance that is right for you. 

Stress & Anxiety management

Managing anxiety and stress is one of the biggest challenges in today's society. From a personal point of view, stress management has always been a priority. I applied it to working up my career ladder, setting up my own business,  dealing with complex personal relationships, and dealing with the effect of personal situations from my  past. 

Being aware of the different internal and external pressures and how they can turn into unhealthy stress is vital to good mental health and success.

I am also able to call upon a large number of tools and techniques from my business - Stressfree - and bring these to my coaching sessions.


Prioritising and deeply understanding the important relationships around you cannot be underestimated.

I can help steer you towards having the right conversations, understanding motivations, managing expectations or finding acceptance. 

This will sometimes  uncover uncomfortable truths that will require you to challenge your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.  But it's often this deeper self analyses that can really change the close relationships that are important to you.

Self-confidence & Resilience

The more pressure and stress we have to deal with, the more important it is to build our self-confidence and resilience. There are many techniques available to help improve these areas. My coaching style of guiding you to talk through the issues at hand, uncovers the root causes behind both areas, and helps you to conquer and overcome!  

Time-management, Motivation & Direction

In a world where we are overwhelmed with choice it's easy to get lost and lose direction. With that can come a lack of motivation or a sense of there not being enough hours in the day.  I will help you gain clarity and focus.  I've successfully adapted to many different changes of direction, so I hold a lot of empathy in this area. I also offer on-going support between sessions, for moments when you feel motivation is lacking.

Business coaching & Business start-up

From my experiences of setting up two businesses, I can assist you in managing some of the most challenging areas of setting up and running a business.  My specific areas of expertise include managing work-related stress, work-life balance, and  handling complex work relationships.